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The behavior of animals and the person represents difficult system of the interconnected unconditioned and conditioned reflexes. Unconditioned and conditioned reflexes can be simple and difficult, short and long, and their interlacing in behavior of animals and the person sometimes so fancifully

At the same time, in the course of evolution unconditioned reflexes remained at all representatives of fauna that points to the undoubted value of congenital forms of behavior. This value is that, unconditioned reflexes, being specific experience, are shown at once, without

Trace conditioned reflexes are formed in that case when between conditional and unconditional the pause is irritants. If this pause makes 10-20 sec., the short trace conditioned reflex is formed. If the pause makes 1-2 min., the late trace conditioned reflex is formed. As well as at cash conditioned reflexes, in trace reflexes ability of an animal to differentiate time accurately comes to light. So, at a short trace reflex conditional salivation comes in 10-20 sec. after the termination