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To grease pottery with butter. To put layers small cut vegetables: onions, tomatoes, paprika; to pepper them all types of pepper, then to lay fish large pieces, to cover again with layers of vegetables, to flavor with spices, to salt, fill in with wine, to close ware a cover and to cover edges with dough. To bake in an oven within 30-40 min.

To fry the mutton which is taken out from broth to full readiness. Meanwhile in the filtered broth to put the prepared peas and to cook it to readiness. Then to add meat and other vegetables and fruit (apples cut quarters) and to cook soup of 15 more min. then to salt and fill with spices.

In Armenian cuisine, of course, there are dishes and from natural meat, for example the Armenian shish kebab, pastyner, meat kchuch, and also dishes from the whole poultry, but they, first, more ancient origin, are less often used in modern kitchen and are considered as nowadays simpler, and secondly, and in them meat, though keeps a natural form, also differs in new taste.

Some words about flavoring scale of the Georgian sauces. Its most distinctive feature is the tart sourness created by natural fruit and berry juice. Very often it is taken mistakenly for "sharpness" and connect with allegedly unlimited use of spices, especially pepper. Meanwhile sourish and tart taste has nothing in common with "sharpness". Of course, it increases aroma and smack which the spicy herbs used in them, but character of their sourish basis and these spices report to the Georgian sauces not sharp.

The main objective of the listed processing methods consists in creation of the improved product (dishes which taste as a result of long and difficult processing and introduction of mass of additional components is considerably enriched. From here abundance of dishes with ground meat to which other components also in a ground state are added. Are that,, a tolma, etc.

The cattle breeding became also a source of various dairy products - generally kuvshinny and burdyuchny brine cheeses, and also fermented milk products which are derivatives of a matsun or its combinations in different proportions to sladkomolochny products.

That eggs did not turn when heating, the following reception is applied: they are mixed previously in a uniform emulsion with any sour environment - natural sour fruit juice, sour milk (yogurt) or with vinegar. The zagushchenny and dried-up mashed potatoes of plum of a tkemala called tklap are especially often used as the sour environment. The sour environment is applied in soups and when there are no eggs, but there are very many fats and meat. It not only improves and diversifies taste of dishes, but also considerably increases their comprehensibility.

To fry mutton to full readiness with onions and a flour, as well as in the previous recipe, and meanwhile to cook peas in the filtered broth and then to lower the prepared mutton in this broth together with other vegetables and fruit (except apples). When peas are ready, to lower the apples cut by quarters to salt and cook to readiness of apples, about 10 min., having filled with spices.

In Armenian cuisine also the local fish raw materials for which the technology is developed are used. A main type of fish - a trout which meat differs in gentle taste. It also defined technology of the Armenian fish dishes - a pripuskaniye at which always the gentle consistence of fish as much as possible remains.

Sometimes the Georgian sauces act as independent dishes and are used in this case with bread. Sufficient caloric content, the considerable content of vitamins, high tastes quite explain their such use.

In Georgian cuisine nuts - a filbert, a filbert, beechen nutlets, almonds, but most often walnuts figure prominently. These specific raw materials - an invariable component of various seasonings and sauces equally well suitable to dishes from poultry, from vegetables and even from fish. Nuts go to meat soups and to confectionery, to cold salads and to hot second dishes. Without them, to put it briefly, the Georgian table is inconceivable.

Process of cooking same, as in the previous recipe. To fry mutton to full readiness with onions, to cook peas in broth, then to put in broth the prepared mutton and all other vegetables and fruit, except apples, and to cook to readiness of peas and potatoes (a chestnut. After that to put apples, and then and spices.