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The case of the receiver is made of shock-resistant block color polystyrene. On the face are located: the scale, handles of adjustment, the button, besides is available a window with the indication of inclusion of food. A nest for connection of the external antenna are located in back part of the receiver. In external registration of the receiver the combination of color plastic to the metallized inscriptions on a scale and metal frames is applied. Scale horizontal. As the vernyerny device the odnotrosikovy scheme is applied, the tension of a rope is carried out by the cylindrical spring strengthened on a rope or on a drum. Installation of the receiver is executed on the printed-circuit board from a folgirovanny getenaks. All details and knots of the scheme, except for KPE, fasten to a payment the soldering. In the receiver the KPE small-sized blocks are used. KPE blocks are installed on an assembly payment and fasten to it two screws.

From the economic point of view the designed radio receiver has the following advantages: all elements used in the receiver domestic that considerably reduces the cost of each element and the receiver in general; as in the receiver domestic radio components that in case of failure of one of them are used, search of new radio of an element will be easier from the point of view of the material and physical parties; in the receiver only the most necessary elements which are necessary for normal operation of the radio receiver are used and in the scheme is not used what excess element, i.e. the receiver is executed in optimum option that reduces its prime cost.

In options (and (contours with the accepted Qe provides the pass-bands which are at the same time set easing at edges it is less set and selectivity on the mirror channel is better set thus it is possible to accept number of contours equal nc.

Many operating nowadays transferring means of TV and ZV morally became outdated and need, before their replacement, in modernization. During it it is necessary to simplify schematic diagrams on the basis of new technologies, to increase efficiency of power-intensive cascades, to raise extent of automation of the transferring means. Huge opportunities of increase of efficiency of the transferring network are put in introduction of already known methods of transfer of considerable flows of additional information along with transfer of the TV and ZV main programs.

For distribution over the country on transmitters Federal, interregional and the TV and ZV regional programs the orbital group from ten communication satellites and more than 100000 km of land radio linear communication lines is used.

For ensuring overlapping of these subranges at change of supply voltage, change of temperature, etc., it is necessary to move apart extreme frequencies of subranges on 1÷3 of %. Therefore determine extreme frequencies by overlapping for each subrange.