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Expeditious marketing — is active commercial process of achievement of the planned sales volume by use of the tactical means relating to goods, sale, the price and communications for impact on potential consumers. The purpose of operational marketing activity is formation of the optimum product range in the short-term period. Naturally, at its formation the external and internal restrictions inherent in the enterprise are considered.

Emergence of the expenses connected with organizational activity of the enterprise predetermines need of their control For this purpose expenses classify on general production and general economy; connected with performance of criterion functions, on ensuring functioning of services and departments of the enterprise, all-organizational and all-administrative activity; on functions of management; to activities; in relation to objects of the account and calculation, to output.

To appoint the head of marketing department. To set to it the task and to allocate with large powers. To consider it as one of the main participants of production and marketing activity of the enterprise.

External and internal aspects of activity of the enterprise are inseparably linked and serve achievement of one purpose — to increase of overall performance of the enterprise, namely: to growth of sales volumes of production and increase in profit.

The major requirements to system of the administrative reporting are timeliness, uniformity, accuracy and a regularity of obtaining information the management of the enterprise. These requirements can be realized at observance of a number of the simple principles of creation of system of the administrative reporting:

Providing problems of formation of indicators of the internal reporting demands direct participation of managers and all labor collective in development of the system of estimated indicators. This necessary condition for understanding all collective of the decisions made by administration and ways of their realization, prevention of objective negative impact of the monitoring system on motivation of the persons participating in activity of the enterprise.

As the enterprise carries out the activity in two spheres, and collection of information is also carried out in two directions. Collecting and the analysis of external information is one of the main functions of marketing. Obtaining internal information is, as a rule, carried out on the basis of the management accounting providing the management of the enterprise this, necessary for the analysis of the current situation and adoption of administrative decisions. The management of the enterprise obtains necessary data if at the enterprise there is rationally constructed system of the administrative reporting. Therefore creation of such system is the first necessary step on the way of increase of overall performance of the enterprise.

The system of the organization of management accounting is defined by organizational and production structure of the enterprise, creation of the internal economic mechanism of managing. Features of each enterprise influence creation of system of the organization of the account. Meanwhile take place and the general principles:

Any service and the employee of management for performance of the functions need information. Management begins with receiving and perception of information, it includes decision-making on the basis of information and comes to the end with control of implementation of this decision also on the basis of the relevant information.

Advance of goods characterizes activity of the enterprise for formation of demand for the offered goods. The enterprises at which regular marketing, as a rule, is well put create marketing databases in which various information gathers and systematized. The problem of systematization and information processing is facilitated significantly by various software.

The inside — it that defines, is how effectively adjusted work. In the most general view it is possible to carry structure of the enterprise, the processes and business activities, resources used in the course of work of the enterprise existing business to internal factors.