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To a regiment of the second echelon, as well as to a regiment of the first echelon additional stocks of appliances can be created. First of all it concerns artillery shots and min., which additional stocks due to more rational laying on armored troop-carriers, artillery tractors and on vehicles can make 0,2-0,3 B. to. If from a regiment of the second echelon the strengthened battalion in an advance party for defense of a strip of providing is allocated, then additional stocks of ammunition and engineering property are created in this battalion on vehicles of a company of material security.

If defense is prepared in the absence of contact with the opponent, then the back can have sufficient time for performance of tasks of providing divisions, the organization of protection, protection, defense and to carry out them out of influence of the land opponent.

For a rassosredotocheniye of vehicles, and also creations of conditions for switching of transportation and evacuation from one direction on another, to a regiment it is necessary to have one main and one side-track of transportation and evacuation. The rokada is appointed to lines of placement of platoons of providing battalions and firing positions of regimental (battallion) artillery.

The regiment which is in the second echelon uses delivery roads and evacuations of a division, and upon transition to counterattack - and regiments of the first echelon. Besides, for transportation and evacuation in advance reconnoitered and prepared routes promotion of a regiment for the expansion boundary for counterattack can be used. Protection, protection and defense of the back will be organized in accordance with general practice.

Delivery roads and evacuations, tasks on on their preparation, maintenance in a passable state and to a bespecheniye of the movement on them. As delivery roads and evacuation to use the main both spare routes of promotion and lateral roads:

Medical support. Sanitary losses in defensive action can be a little smaller than in approach. This results from the fact that the staff of a regiment is placed is more dispersed and can be in in advance prepared engineering constructions.

Transportation of appliances by defense preparation, as a rule, carries out the regimental back the automobile divisions from a separate battalion of material security directly in battalions and on firing positions of artillery, passing the company of material security.

With the participation of a battalion of the second echelon of a regiment in counterattack wounded and patients from its divisions are evacuated in a medical aid station of the battalion, or directly in a medical aid station of a regiment or in the closest medical aid station of a battalion of the first echelon. The medical aid station of a battalion of the second echelon has to be always ready to promotion behind the counterattacking battalion.

Rear point of management of a regiment, time of its expansion and the direction of movement, points of management of the subordinated divisions of the back, higher instances; the subordinate, given and interacting parts.