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Methods of payment are subdivided on cash and monetary and non-cash. Thus in a large (wholesale) turn non-cash payments and calculations dominate, and in the sphere of a retail commodity exchange as before the bulk of transactions oposredstvutsya by cash in spite of the fact that in the last decades various forms of clearing settlements actively take root. However in general, thanks to a large number of small goods exchange operations, cash and monetary payments prevail in the lump of operations. So, in Finland (which is on one of the first places in the world on development non-cash calculation of 70% of total of transactions in economy it is carried out by means of cash.

The promissory note (the debt obligation – promissory note) is an unconditional written obligation of one person before another to pay the caused sum of money according to the requirement either of the fixed date or of a certain moment in the future to a certain person, its order or the bearer.

In modern economic practice the sphere of use of drafts as means of payment was considerably narrowed in comparison with XIX and the beginning of the XX centuries. Its main application today – in foreign trade.

The target endorsement – the holder of the check specifies on the back the purpose of transfer of the check to other person and limits possibility of receiving money by the check. Sometimes this type of the endorsement is used in combination with the nominal.

The Prevodny bill (bill of exchenge) is the unconditional written order addressed by one person (drawer) to other person (payer) and signed with the face which issued the bill about payment for the requirement or on a certain date of the sum of money to the third participant (beneficiary), his order or the bearer.