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The positive structural transformations which happened in this branch caused so negative phenomenon. Therefore it is necessary without being fond of any structural transformations in the form of joint-stock companies, agricultural firms, etc., to provide on the basis of the available overworking plants and other enterprises deeper complex processing of milk with an exit high environmentally friendly (safe) and low on product cost.

The production intensification, deepening of processing of rational use of milk, improvement of the range of dairy products at the expense of increase in release of products raised food and biological values, enriched with proteinaceous, vitamin and vegetable components have to become the main direction of development of the dairy industry. For decrease in losses of milk protein it is necessary to increase use of skim milk, buttermilk and serum by the food purposes.

33 enterprises making food reduced production: among them such as Makhachkala meat-processing plant - for 63,5%; The Buinaksk meat-processing plant - for 73,1%; The Buinaksk gormolzavod - for 78,2%.

In production of food it is necessary to apply widely nonconventional types of raw materials - soy, protein preparations on the basis of its processing, pectin, sakharozamenitel, enzymes, fragrances and other food additives of various functional purpose.

The priority directions in development of branch will be – increase in production of food from potatoes and the fast-frozen fruit and vegetable products, transfer of canneries on production of fruit and vegetable canned food with use of modern types of packaging, development of production of fruktovoovoshchny powders, pectin from vegetable raw materials and production wastes of juice. Due to the sharp increase in the land plots at the population it is necessary to develop a procuring network on purchases of food production and raw materials in individual sector, including with participation of consumer cooperation.

At the same time the food enterprises still continue to let out noncompetitive production. Due to the lack of financial means of the enterprise have no opportunity to buy the latest modern the equipment for wrapping of packaging of confectionery. Moreover, they experience difficulties due to the lack of means for an advance payment for the acquired container and food raw materials.

In the meat and dairy industry it is impossible to be fond of the small enterprises excessively. Advantage of the large enterprises, just also consists that in them it is possible to achieve more rational use of technical arms and deep processing of raw materials.

Wear of the fixed business assets makes more than 50%, and on separate subsectors and the enterprises - to 70%. Being at the command the enterprise of means it is not enough for carrying out reconstruction and technological rearmament therefore the coefficient of updating of the main fonl makes only about 1% (at norm of 8-10%).

public administration and control of outputs, export and import, quoting by volumes of purchase and supply of ethyl alcohol from food raw materials, licensing of production and a turn;

For improvement of quality of vegetable oil at construction new and reconstruction of the operating enterprises will take root modern technological schemes on refining and a dezordaration of vegetable oils.

Situation in food branches remains heavy. Reasons different. So, due to the lack of glassware, difficulties at product sales, an increase in prices for power supply systems and transportation costs production of canned food is reduced: the vegetable - for 85,5%, sausage - for 54%; the fruit - for 89,5% and juice fruit - for 82,3%.

Economic measures for modernization of the enterprises which will create conditions for increase in outputs, expansion of the range and improvement of quality of production, increase in release of foodstuff in small packaging, improvements of use of agricultural raw materials due to deeper and its full processing have to be developed and realized.