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In general soil profile of chernozems ordinary. It is characterized by rather uniform particle size distribution with uniform distribution of granulometric fractions on the genetic horizons. Fluctuations in number of the majority of fractions at various depth of a profile usually do not exceed the limit of 3-7%. However, the arable horizon in certain cases contains for 5-7% of silt less, than other horizons that is connected with a vypakhannost and blowing by a wind of thin particles from it. In other cases of fluctuation in the maintenance of the main granulometric fractions are caused by heterogeneity of pochvoobrazuyushchy breeds and weighting of their structure with depth/1/.

At last, on Hopr's left bank chernozems ordinary sandy, developed on modern alluvial deposits, sometimes on flyuvioglyatsialny sand meet. On average they contain 80-82% of sandy fractions, 10% of silt and 8-10% of dust/9/.

The general content of humic acids in the horizon of A and AB fluctuates in the range of 51-61%, and the contents in them the first, second and third fractions changes within 8-16, 64-79 and 14-22%. In the first fraction of humic acids mobile fulvic acids (group of companies 1/FC 1a + 1 = 0,4-0, in the second and third - humic acids (group of companies 2/FK 2 = 3-5 and group of companies 3/FK 3 = 2-.