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In cases when final determination of quality demands defrosting of meat and meat products, their sortings or completion, carrying out laboratory researches, and also at receipt of goods routes, acceptance terms on quality are extended according to the indication of State inspectorate for quality of goods and trade, bureau of commodity examinations, veterinary or public health service.

At detection by the recipient of divergences between the actual weight and the name of goods and a cliche or the invoice of the supplier in the act it has to be specified how this divergence is revealed: when opening container or by comparison of a cliche to the payment requirement (invoice).

When obtaining the message of the supplier on sending of his representative the recipient is obliged to detain realization of the arrived party of fish goods before arrival of the representative, having taken all necessary measures to safety of goods. In case of non receipt within three days, and for the Far East and the region of the Far North — within six days of the message of the supplier on departure of the representative the goods are realized in accordance with general practice.

The specified meat and meat products are paid by the buyer after sorting, a side job or processing of the industry by the enterprise according to the act of sorting, a side job or processing with reference of expenses for acceptance, storage, sorting and a side job on the supplier (sender).

At return of defective vodka and alcoholic beverage products their cost, and also transportation costs are paid by the enterprise of the industry supplier. If defective vodka and alcoholic beverage products are compensated with the broken packing, these products are accepted only after preliminary check of fortress and are paid for the actual amount of alcohol for the alcohol raw price according to the existing price-list. Expenses on transportation and processing in this case belong on the buyer.

By special conditions it is provided that acceptance of fish and fish goods by quantity and quality has to be made separately on each manufacturer and by each date of development. The statement of shortage has to be drawn up on the basis of a pereveska gross, net and container of each place with the instruction in the act of results on each place subjected to a pereveska.

By quantity of places, and also on net weight in places with the broken packing acceptance is made by the recipient at the time of unloading from the car (the autorefrigerator by odnogorodny deliveries during 24 h., by deliveries from another town: in single cars and autorefrigerators — during 48 h., and in trains with machine cooling — during 72 h. after giving of cars under unloading.

At detection during acceptance at the centralized delivery in a distribution network of whole-milk products with signs of a poor quality or lost a trade dress (pollution, damage of container) the representative of the supplier for drawing up the act and return of defective products is called. The representative of the supplier is obliged to be during 4 h. after a call.

The meat and meat products demanding according to the conclusion of veterinary and public health service of urgent processing are obliged to accept the enterprises of the industry directly from cars or no later than 6 h. after unloading.

When defrosting of fish, sorting and completion of fish goods, carrying out laboratory researches is required, and also at receipt of freights by routes or cars in a large number, these terms can be extended (according to the indication of State inspectorate for quality of goods in trade, bureau of the commodity examinations and other competent authorities authorized on acceptance fish goods.

Quality check of sour cream and cottage cheese has to be made by the recipient no later than 3 h. from the moment of delivery to the recipient (buyer), milk and dairy products (except for sour cream and cottage cheese — not later than in 1 h.