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Certainly, the cheapest technology of the debugging familiar to all domestic developers with an experience, The Assembler — the Simulator — Programmator set is. Considering the small memory size of low-output MK and low cost of MK of these series, such way at the first stage could be considered as the quite accepted. However, programming drivers for the MK Motorola wide set seldom are present at domestic universal programmator that often does this way almost unrealizable.

The software for systems of intra circuit emulation is delivered complete with payments of the main platform. Now complete with a payment of MMEVS M68MMPFB0508 system the integrated environment of development of RAPID which works under control of DOS is delivered and the editor of the text, the macroassembly program and a full-screen debugger includes. MMEVS and MMDS systems do not incorporate means of programming, the environment of a debugger cannot work in the simulator mode. The program RAPID environment and MMEVS hardware give the following opportunities:

The equipment for control and debugging of design payments with the interface according to the ISA or PCI standard is represented by payments extenders for the corresponding interface payments at which each line of the interface has connection with PLD controlling the ENCORE.

Application of means provides fast implementation of projects and control of their working capacity at all fabrication stages and introductions, including debugging of the samples which are a part of final hardware-software system.

The term "intra circuit simulator" can seem insufficiently clear therefore we will consider briefly the principle of operation of devices of this class. A basic element of a hardware platform is MK of HC05 family, however its type does not coincide with type of target MK. Peripheral modules of this replacing MK are identical to modules of target MK, and the number of lines of ports of input-output exceeds similar number of target MK. These "excess" lines are used for an exchange with the personal computer. Conclusions of the replacing MK, completely coincident on a functional purpose with conclusions of target MK, are brought to the socket with a pin-connection diagram of the last. The personal computer imitates program and logical model of target MK, including peripheral modules. The applied program in language the HC05 assembler is carried out by internal means of the personal computer. Communication with a hardware platform is carried out only in case of need input or output of data. Under control of the program of the monitor which is written down in ROM of MK of a payment of M68ICS05xx, the output influences created in the personal computer arrive on the corresponding exits of the socket of target MK, or conditions of entrances of target MK are read out and transferred to the personal computer. At connection of the developed product to the specified socket of a payment of M68ICS05xx full illusion of work under control of target MK, but in slowed down in relation to real time scale is created. From here and name — "simulator". Extremely important: the set of means of M68ICS05xx at the same time is a programmator of OTP and EEPROM MK, but only that series for which debugging it is intended.

With attraction of instrumentation the cost of the integrated scheme because of duration of process of testing and complexity of its realization can exceed monetary and labor costs of testing of difficult integrated schemes many times over. To make testing for models of the developed integrated scheme significantly reduces the price of process of testing and reduces time of its carrying out.

The MOTOROLA firm offers a number of cheap payments of programmator for MK of HC0 family These payments are specialized for the MK certain groups of HC05 family, they do not demand for operation of the personal computer of the top level. In documentation of Motorola firm these programmator carry the name of "parallel". The name reflects technology of programming:

Emulation of loading cables the Hardware basis of a complex forms the universal cable used for testing by method of boundary scanning. Distinctive feature of a cable is existence of the program-controlled mode of emulation of loading cables of various firms of producers of PLD.