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Important element of competitiveness of multinational corporation is also possibility of elaboration of strategy for them on the basis of the widest accounting of various prospects of scientific and technical and organizational progress and ­ conditions of world economic development. Multinational corporations successfully solve problems of decrease in expenses of raw materials and materials, and also work on unit of finished goods. By estimates of economists direct labors and materials on a unit of production decreased approximately twice in manufacturing industry over the last 50 years.

The reasons of the accelerated growth of multinational corporation first of all that they concentrated in the hands scientific researches and development and to themselves monopoly for the advanced equipment in the areas elected by them. As a rule, multinational corporations let out the most perfect production or the whole families of the goods which are in the increased demand around the world under the trademark. Use of the most advanced technology and the organization of a provides high efficiency and profitability of production. Not incidentally therefore such firms seek to realize fully the due to expansion in foreign markets.

It is easily possible to see that only for providing loans subsidiaries drew interest of 813 million marks. In other words, if subsidiaries completely stopped the production activity, destroyed the equipment, dismissed workers, etc., having concentrated only on granting loans, even in this case they could transfer nearly 4 times more means to headquarters, than did actually.

Economic crises possess a role of peculiar examinations which any capitalist enterprise needs to sustain. Their successful overcoming provides to the company sharp strengthening of positions at the expense of the ruined and weakened competitors, failure limits possibilities of their development. The maximum mitigation of the consequences of crisis is a problem of exclusive importance for each firm.

Export of the capital and the organization of production abroad even more increase competitiveness and power of corporations, whose activity is based on an of scientific and technical and organizational progress. Export of the capital has the purpose intensive development of the new capacious markets. The markets of the large developed countries are in this regard especially attractive. In due time the market of the USA was the most attractive to sale of new production. With formation and expansion of a common market in Western Europe and growth of the income per capita this region becomes more and more attractive object of expansion of multinational corporation.

* under the integrated articles. Because of roundings order deviations ± 1 million marks are possible. The sign "N" means that the corresponding figure cannot be received by subtraction of data on parent society from the general indicators of concern owing to their high-quality heterogeneity.

The direct investments focused on the market also create additional assets, promote strengthening of communication with suppliers and creation of the specialized markets of labor; raise the quality standards; stimulate local business and the competition. The direct investments aiming at production efficiency increase will improve the international division of labor; provide access to the foreign markets and/or sources of deliveries; strengthen relations with suppliers; raise a level of quality. Besides, there are strategic investments having the purpose inclusion in world technological, organizational and marketing systems. They provide new financial means and additional assets, and also access to the foreign markets; stimulate local business and the competition; improve the international division of labor.

Proceeding from the aforesaid it is possible to claim that only the transnationalization of processes of integration going "from below" and "from above" is capable to turn in new dynamically developing the center world ekonomiki.15

Official profit - this figure in balance which should be trusted least of all. It, certainly, not news. Each auditor knows about it. The SIZE in which in balance money nowadays takes cover is new.