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Slide movies represent the program from automatically replaced color slides projected on one or several screens. Such program is followed by specially prepared soundtrack. Slide movies can be used for the most various range of goods, produktion, services. One of the main advantages of this type of advertizing is possibility of the expeditious and economic modification or simple replacement of one slides with others which is not breaking integrity of the program.

The poster – the large-format nesfaltsovanny edition, in most cases with the unilateral press. The big drawn or photoillustrated is followed by large advertizing heading – a slogan which figuratively and in a condensed form displays the main feature of the advertized goods or service. For increase of functionality the calendar grid is often entered into the poster, sometimes it carry out detachable on perforation.

Billboards, panel, posters and banners can be placed on the main transport and foot highways, on squares, in the foyer of stadiums, sports palaces, on sports arenas, at fairs and exhibitions and in other places of a big congestion of people.

Because the outdoor advertizing is in most cases perceived at considerable distance and under way, it represents, as a rule, short and expressive messages. In decorating of these advertizing materials basic elements of firm symbolics (the trademark, the firm block, firm are largely allocated color.

Leaflet – the low-format nesfaltsovanny edition issued owing to the profitability, big circulation. Contains usually one or two illustrations of the advertized products with detailed characteristics.

The computerized advertizing – essentially new means advertizing distribution. Besides, the computerization of traditional advertizing media brought a lot of new in preparation and carrying out the advertizing companies, significantly having increased their efficiency.

Firm signs, indexes of journey, registration of interiors of offices, receptions and service premises, overalls of the personnel are important components of the corporate style creating image of the enterprise for his business partners and consumers.

Advertizing the video express information – a specific type of video advertizing, it represents quickly made video topic about any outstanding event in life of the organization advertiser (start-up of the new line, signing of the large commercial deal, release of the first party of new goods, celebration of anniversary, etc.).

Teleprompts – various motionless drawn or photographic advertizing plots broadcast accompanied by the announcer's text and music with which fill pauses between various telecasts, or any elements of firm symbolics of advertisers placed on a TV screen on the course of telecasts.

exhibition – first of all public demonstration of these or those branches of the material or spiritual sphere of life of society, which main objective – an exchange of ideas, theories, knowledge at simultaneous carrying out commercial work.

However development of this advertizing medium in our country restrains lack of special high-quality projective equipment. For simplification of process of demonstration of slide movies, they are written down sometimes on videotapes and shown on TV screens.

Due to the obtaining economic independence by the enterprises and in process of introduction of the principles of market economy in a national economy of our country they have to take in the near-term outlook the leading place in the organization of sale of any production.

Constantly operating expositions – will often organize in office buildings of the enterprises and associations. Many concerns, corporations, large production associations have the constantly operating expositions for demonstration of samples of products.

The international fairs and exhibitions is, as a rule, the regular exhibition actions collecting a large number of participants from many countries of the world. They can be subdivided on all-branch, where represent products and production of the most various branches of economy, and specialized on which show exhibits of one or several adjacent or mutually supplementing branches.