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So there are at Ovidiya main lines of his new genre — the mournful elegy: a loneliness subject as initial and the main, subjects of adversities, friendship and hope as three axes of its development, a poetry subject as end, generalization and short circuit on itself. Each subject chlenitsya on motives, the motive seeks to become a conventional sign of all subject. Sets of such motives in various combinations and in turns from various points of view form art structure of elegies. Antiquity knew two fixed assets of comparisons — from the world of the nature and from the world of mythology. In these both poetic store rooms Ovidy feels like the full owner.

Ovidy was not a lyric poet. In it there is no reproach it to temperament. It was capable to give sincere rough emotions, but did it not by a method of lyrics. He never resorted to direct warm self-expression, in it is not present shares of a confession of the exulting or suffering person, it never lost objectivity of the storyteller. Such is there was its sincere organization.

Plastic elements of art style of Ovidiya are widely presented. An eye of the poet sees any movement everywhere, and besides mainly live body. This plasticity is often embodied in the whole picture, with sharply outlined contours, beautiful, repellent.

So Ovidy spoke of the reasons which induced it to write "Metamorphoses". They did not reach us in finally processed look as Ovidy before the departure in the reference in a rush of despair burned the manuscript on which it at that time worked. Work it remained only because friends of the poet who could restore it as whole subsequently had its some lists.

Perhaps, the most important line of art style of Ovidiya is its diversity, but not in sense of any incoherence and not coordination of the represented subjects, but diversity basic, specific.

Our Ovidiya Pushkin especially appreciated. With its ability to get into the essence of human souls, he understood also high humanity of the Roman poet. The old Gipsy transfers to Alecko the naive story about the poet exile. This story is well-known. But we will listen attentively to Pushkin lines: